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The tennis court construction & sports surface specialists for Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and the Cotswolds

Cotswold Tennis Court Construction

Cotswold specialists in high-quality tennis court construction, multi-use games areas, and elegant tennis court fencing.

Tennis Court Surfaces

Cotswold Tennis Courts provide different tennis court playing surfaces and multi-use games areas for home or tennis club use.

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Tennis Court Fencing

Frame your court with an attractive fencing system. Cotswold Courts offer two top-quality fencing systems fincluding our patented and elegant Obelisk System.

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Tennis Court Cleaning

A clean court plays better and gives you a much safer surface to play on, all through the year and will protect your investment and prolong the life of the court.

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Good service and customer care

Our success depends upon our customers‘ satisfaction

We have always understood that the continued success of our business depends upon the satisfaction of our customers.

That's why we always strive to provide a high-quality service and real value for money. These are reflected in the care and attention to the courts and sports surfaces that we build and the development of products that are available nowhere else. We offer unique features such as our high-quality sports surfaces like Savanna and our patented obelisk fencing.

And it's important to us that our customers get a court that's suited to their particular needs - whether you're looking for a fast championship quality court or a combination tennis court surface and multi-use games area for a growing family. We take the time to explain the available options to make our customers aware of any budget options as well as the more expensive ones.

We are members of SAPCA, the sports and play construction association.

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All-weather tennis courts or all-year-round courts?

All-weather tennis courts is a much-used search engine term. This is probably the responsibility of En Tout Cas founder Claude Brown, in the days before the Trades Descriptions Act. It refers to porous tennis courts - courts that drain quickly after rain rather than courts that can be used in our climate, every day from January to December.

The only all-weather tennis courts we build are indoors. It is, of course, impossible to play in thick fog, inadvisable to play in the snow and dangerous on ice. For that reason, you will not find one of our surfaces referred to on this site as an 'all weather' tennis court.

That's because we aim to give an honest appraisal of our surfaces' abilities, having found over the years that an accurate description of reasonable performance expectations leads to satisfied clients.

If other companies offer similar surfaces to our surfaces and feel they need to describe them as all-weather, it should not be inferred that our tennis courts are all-weather.

A name to trust…

A synthetic grass (sometimes wrongly known as Astroturf or fake grass) built by En Tout Cas.Cotswold Courts are made and supplied by En Tout Cas - the original manufacturer of all-year-round courts and sports surfaces. En Tout Cas was founded in 1909 and continues to be a byword for British-built quality and excellence.

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