Tennis Court Fencing

Obelisk tennis court fencing by En Tout Cas complements a court

The obelisk system is attractive and unobtrusive. In the foreground of the picture above, the obelisk is a visible attractive feature of the court fencing. The obelisks at the back, against the hedge, are practically invisible from a distance, which allows for a natural blending between the court and garden landscaping.

The obelisk system is designed to support plant growth. Its slender gothic stanchions are easy on the eye and provide a perfect base for climbing plants. The frame also gives all the strength it needs to withstand severe storms. The result is a tennis court that blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

To avoid the box-like effect of angle iron, the surround heights can also be varied - for example with a high back and low sides. This further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surrounds, giving uninterrupted lines of sight and enabling spectators to have a clearer view of the match. The whole experience of playing on a garden tennis court is enhanced.

Alternatively, you can choose our Estate Fencing System, which uses sturdy high-quality fence posts with ball caps for country estate elegance.

Estate tubular fencing is a superior quality product. It is made from a 48mm diameter thick wall tube for gate and corner-posts, and a 42mm diameter thick wall tube for intermediate posts. All posts are galvanised, etch primed, and painted green or black. A tube is far stronger than traditional angle iron, and can, like an obelisk, be concreted to full depth and provide a foundation for the edgings.

Ball finials on tube fencing can give a look of estate fencing. Acorn finials also give a distinctive and pleasing finish to tubular posts.

Our fencing systems are designed to look good from close up and to blend harmoniously into their surroundings from a distance. Close up, they look great and complement the garden rather than the court. From a distance, they are barely visible and allow the court to merge seamlessly with the rest of the garden. Building high-quality tennis courts that will last and play beautifully for years is only half the story.

Price of tennis court fencing

It’s important to landscape your court into its surroundings and then to frame it with an attractive fencing system. En-Tout-Cas offer two top-quality fencing systems for tennis courts. The cost of a replacement tennis court fence ranges from £12,000 to £15,000 plus VAT.

A mitred corner gate saves space and allows easy court access

A Full Service

We specialise in complete design and build projects, from excavating the site and landscaping to manufacturing a fence support that doubles as a basketball post. We have the skills and knowledge to act as main contractors, guiding clients through safety regulations and liaising with planning authorities.

It was our dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appeal of the available fencing that first led us to develop and patent our own tennis court fencing. En-Tout Cas’ Obelisk concept provides a support for colourful climbing plants and brings grace and elegance to the playing environment. These court surrounds will transform your court's environment.

Replacement tennis court fences cost from £12,000 to £15,000 plus VAT.

Make The Most Of Your Court

A cricket practice net on an En-Tout-Cas Savanna court.  The addition of a soft net surround, just outside the lines of the tennis court, but inside the court fencing, created a space for a cricket practice net. This space-saving idea is unobtrusive and saved the £10,000 cost of laying a separate surface for a cricket practice net. Installation is quick and easy.

Obelisk tennis court fencing from En Tout Cas merges into its surroundings

A name to trust…

A synthetic grass (sometimes wrongly known as Astroturf or fake grass) built by En Tout Cas.Cotswold Courts are made and supplied by En Tout Cas - the original manufacturer of all-year-round courts and sports surfaces. En Tout Cas was founded in 1909 and continues to be a byword for British-built quality and excellence.

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